We welcome you to The School of Dermatological Sciences. At The University of Faisalabad we strive to provide you with an exceptional learning experience through interactive teaching, hands on practice on modern equipment and activities for intellectual development. We aim to groom you into a health care professional who will contribute her share in the improvement of healthcare services in Pakistan. Skin care is a highly demanded field throughout the world and carries a wide scope. This program will enable you to excel in this field in a variety of roles. We hope your journey with us will be full of enlightening experiences.

Prof. Dr Tanzeela Khalid




About Us

Vision of program: skincare for all ages

Mission statement: to achieve excellence in skincare by educating skin care experts having relevant knowledge, skills and attitudes to take care of skin in all age groups though interactive teaching, hands on practice on modern equipment and activates for intellectual development.

Career prospects: by the end of this five year program, graduates will be able to perform their role as:

  • Cosmetic scientist: Consultants and team leader in pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry regarding production, quality assurance, marketing and research of skin care products.
  • Cosmetologist: Guide clients regarding skin care and perform noninvasive cosmetics procedures independently.
  • Physician associate: Work with Dermatologist as part of a skin care tea, in patient management and invasive procedures
  • Academician: pursuit an academic career in allied health sciences undergraduate program.