Welcome to the School of Engineering Technology at the University of Faisalabad. Our goal is to become a national model for the delivery of high-quality, affordable, technically-oriented education by focusing on student-centered learning and the integration of hands-on laboratory and industry-based experiences. With this in mind, we have created undergraduate programs in engineering technology that provide the practical experience in demand among employers as Technology Leaders. The undergraduate BSc Engineering Technology (BSET) program includes four concentrations: Electrical Engineering Technology, Electronics Engineering Technology and Civil Engineering Technology.Our full-time and adjunct faculty members provide students with a strong foundation of engineering practices and stimulate students’ interest by using a problem-solving approach in state-of-the-art laboratories. These labs serve as training centers for undergraduate ET students as well as for the workforce of industry. The ET program is the best choice for students who are oriented to solving practical problems and learn best when given hands-on experiences. ET graduates are applications-oriented with a solid background in applied mathematics, physics, science, business, and engineering technology. They are able to produce practical results in industrial environment, install and operate technical systems, develop and produce products, provide service and maintenance of industrial equipment and systems, and manage sophisticated production processes. We hope you will take the time to learn more about our Engineering Technology programs.




  • The development of a country is measured by the use of energy, materials and developed human capital. Human capital trained in contemporary technologies plays a key role for the progress of a country. All Technologies contribute their due share towards development. No project gets completion certificate without the involvement of Engineering Technology. That’s why the department of Engineering Technology offers B.Sc Engineering Technology in Electronics, Electrical and Civil to fulfill its obligation for the provision of trained human resource in the field in question.
  • The program is aimed to train Technologists to meet future technological challenges in their respective fields. The department of Engineering Technology provides supervised Industrial training to its each and every individual in the final year of its B.Sc program. The curriculum currently being followed by Department of Technology is in line with the guidelines provided by HEC and NTC.

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