Physical therapy is an essential segment of a modern healthcare system. School of Rehabilitation Sciences at The University of Faisalabad was a pioneer to start a 5-years degree program of Doctor of Physical Therapy in 2009 to provide comprehensive training in the core areas of musculoskeletal, neurology, and cardiopulmonary physical therapy. These programs are offered in state of the art, conducive learning environment with modern learning resources, especially real patient clinical settings for community rehabilitation. The School has an aim to provide education, research facilities and consultancy in the health science disciplines of the highest quality to produce competent healthcare professionals.

The program’s curriculum incorporates theory, practice and research based components to develop core skills, knowledge and evidence based treatment for physiotherapy practice. The focus is given to various subjects as per the guidelines of Higher Education Commission. In order to gain hands on experience, students practice in real patient settings at Madinah Teaching Hospital, which is also a major requirement for the completion of the degree program. Furthermore, there is special emphasis on character building and personality development of the students, who are encouraged to take part in extracurricular activities. Alumni of School of Rehabilitation Sciences effectively play their role as clinicians, consultants, academicians, and community rehabilitation experts.

I assure the candidates who opt for joining this School that their stay here will be highly rewarding.


our vision is to graduate and post graduate doctors who would be transforming agents in health care profession to achieve the triple aim of better care for individuals, better health for populations and communities, and lowered cost of health care through continuous quality improvement.


The mission of the school of rehabilitation sciences is to prepare future doctors for advance rehabilitation practices while supporting the goals and developmental missions of the university. we do this through education and mentorship, basic and clinical research and services to the profession and communities. we believe that every individual have rights to access and get quality based health care.


  • To equip students with basic medical knowledge.
  • To Provision of sound foundation in patient assessment, counseling and rehab on short term and long term basis.
  • To produce qualified physical therapists for hospitals, academic settings, sports settings, fitness centers and research organizations.
  • To provide appropriate cost effective treatment plans for patients and clients.
  • To develop and maintain collaboration with national and international bodies concerned with physical therapy services.
  • To provide leadership, management, successful oral and written communication skills and apply high standards of professional integrity and ethical values.

About Us

Salient features

  • State of the art Infrastructure.
  • Qualified and experienced faculty members.
  • Fully equipped laboratories.
  • Provision of Hospital set up of 600 bedded – Madinah Teaching Hospital
  • Department of Physical Therapy treated more than 31,472 patients in year 2016.
  • Problem based learning & competencies.
  • Research oriented environment.
  • CPD workshops/seminars.
  • Free camp for community serving.
  • Educational tours.
  • Student’s correspondence via LMS.
  • Scholarships (merit based, kinship based) & Financial Assistance.
  • Transport facility.
  • Hostel accommodation.
  • Career counseling and regular motivation of students.


by the end of this five year program, graduates will be able to perform their role as:

  • Cosmetic scientist: Consultants and team leader in pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry regarding production, quality assurance, marketing and research of skin care products.
  • Cosmetologist: GUIDE clients regarding skin care and perform noninvasive cosmetics procedures independently.
  • Physician associate: Work with Dermatologist as part of a skin care tea, in patient management and invasive procedures
  • Academician: pursuit an academic career in allied health sciences undergraduate program.

Scope of Practice

  • Clinical practitioner in acute care hospitals, rehabilitation centers and NGO’s
  • Out Patient clinical specialist
  • In-patient hospital consultant
  • Geriatric specialist doing extended care practices in old homes
  • Rehabilitation expert in Sports Trauma
  • Clinical practice in Hospice
  • Community based rehabilitation expert in special education schools
  • Physical therapist and fitness instructor in fitness centers
  • Ergonomist/work setting expert
  • Physical therapist in Industrial or Occupational Environment
  • Lectureship in academic settings
  • Evidence based research officers in Research organizations
  • Policy makers in Local state and federal government


Dr Kaleem shaukat Professor


Dr Tanveer Ahmad Professor