TUFIANS Attend Workshop on “Ocular Adnexa Evaluation”

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Students of the third semester of Optometry participated in workshop ON ‘Ocular Adnexa Evaluation’ at an optometrist in LRBT. Dr Irfa Nasir was a key resource person in the workshop. Techniques for ocular examination for all disorders of eyes with torchlight especially focused while demonstrating to students. Slit-lamp evaluation methods were also taught. It was a fruitful workshop to train the students dealing cases in practical life.


'Ocular' refers to eyes and 'adnexa' is a Latin term meaning 'fasten to' and in this case refers to accessory structures attached to the eye itself. The ocular adnexa includes the: Orbits. Extraocular muscles. Eyelids. This subsection also includes the conjunctiva and lacrimal system, which line and protect the eye.