Asim Azhar Enthralls Students at The University of Faisalabad

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In order to keep alive the dying trend of music concerts in academic institutes, The University of Faisalabad provided a platform to musicians and music fans to congregate. Ever since it was announced that Pakistan's music sensation, Asim Azhar is going to perform in Faisalabad, audience was anxiously waiting to see their idol. Asim Azhar was welcomed by approximately 5000 die hard fans at The University of Faisalabad on February 10, 2020.


Crowd is enjoying the power-pack performances of Pakistan’s well known singers


During the concert, he continued to put up an all-encompassing fantastic show – crooned his top songs.  His dramatic flair has come a long way and now he not only sings but acts, dances, and goes the extra mile to make it a memorable experience for the audience.


Well known singer Nirmal Roy also enthralled the students with her electrifying performances.  The crowd was well behaved and though at one point towards the end, almost everyone was in front of the stage, making videos, taking pictures and getting as much of the rock star as they could, there was no misbehaving at all. Asim gives respect and commands respect in his own way.

The music event was first of it’s at Faisalabad and served as a platform for young musicians to learn and project their skills and talent.  We hope that we will continue the practice of doing such successful events.