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History Of TUF

WELCOME TO TUF: Empowering the youth for Prosperous Pakistan

The University of Faisalabad has its history of success; the story of TUF displays you a picture of the history of TUF.

History of TUF

The heart of Pakistan Textile Industry - Faisalabad suffered educational negligence for decades. Madinah Foundation, a philanthropic organization, renowned for extending services in the social sector, in the light of the vision “Industry, Service, Education” of its founder Chairman, Haji Muhammad Saleem (Late), who undertook the challenge of facilitating common man in paving the path of success through educational enlightenment. On March 17, 2002, Madinah Foundation launched a visionary mega project to overcome a deficit of quality education in the area. The University of Faisalabad (TUF) was established to cater to the educational and technological needs emerging in the progressive scenario of the country in general and surrounding areas in particular, with a missionary spirit, commitment and enthusiasm in line with the vision of its founders. The distinguished Faisalabad University aspires for an appropriate balance between the emerging disciplines of science and technology and prevalent fields of humanities and social sciences. The History of TUF shows that it is approved as a degree-awarding University by the Government of the Punjab, Law and Parliamentary Affairs Department vide Punjab Ordinance No LX of 2002. The Higher Education Commission recognizes it as a degree-awarding University.

The University of Faisalabad is a Category ‘W-4’ University (highest grade awarded to any university by HEC for meeting the Cabinet and HEC criteria/requirement for faculty, programs, infrastructure, resources, laboratories, training facilities and endowment fund). It has the distinction of being ranked ‘FIRST’ in Pakistan, in HEC ranked public and private universities for the year 2013. It has secured third position among private sector universities of Pakistan in HEC ranking 2015. Ranking is based on teaching quality, research and quality assurance systems.

What sets The University of Faisalabad supreme is its unconditional commitment to quality education, sincere teaching endeavors, exclusive skill development, lucrative facilities, dynamism to improve and a competent management team with a vivid vision. We proudly empower and groom the youth of Pakistan by inculcating a sense of achievement for meeting competitive global challenges and contribute to the socio-economic development and prosperity of the country.


To be a leading educational institution characterized by:
An intellectual environment conducive for innovative teaching and learning.

A culture of research to address the challenges faced by Pakistan.

Top quality professional Faculty meeting the local and global educational requirements. Emphasis on Islamic/ethical values for inculcating love, patriotism and service to humanity.


Mission of the University is to contribute and create a transformative educational experience through pursuit of learning, research, innovation and collaborations at the highest global level of excellence, with emphasis on lslamic/ethical values.


Quaid-e-Azam’s Message

Quaid-e-eAzam Muhammad Ali Jinnah(Rehmat-Ullah Alai)

“When you have got that light of knowledge by means of education and when you have made yourselves strong economically and industrially, then you have got to prepare yourselves for your defense - defense against external aggression and to maintain internal security." Presidential address at the conference of the Punjab Muslim Students Federation, March 2, 1941

Founder Chairman of Madinah Foundation

Haji Muhammad Saleem (Late)


• Industry • Service • Education

Ch Muhammad Sarwar

Governor of the Punjab/Patron of the University

It is a matter of satisfaction to note steady progress of The University of Faisalabad as a prestigious Private Sector institution of higher learning in the Province. I am pleased to learn that the University has developed excellent infrastructure and the state of art facilities, especially in the areas of Medical & Allied Health Sciences and Engineering. I have firm belief that the role of higher education institutions offering technical, vocational and professional education alongside research activities is pivotal for the progress of a country and prosperity of its people. It is heartening to note that the University is very much alive to the needs of higher education in the country and is contributing significantly for the uplift of standards of education by equipping its students with requisite knowledge base and skill set.

I am particularly glad to know that the University is placing due emphasis on applied research and promoting technical skills at undergraduate and graduate levels. The role of its Office of Research, Innovation and Commercialization (ORIC) in ensuring a close academia-industry linkage for undertaking research initiatives on industry base problems is commendable.

I would like to appreciate the Rector, Faculty and Management of the University for their diligent efforts and missionary approach. I am confident that the University will continue its journey of success and becomes one of the best higher education institutions in this part of the world.

His Excellency

Ch Muhammad Sarwar

Mian Muhammad Hanif

Patron in Chief

Muhammad Haider Amin

Chairman BOG

Since its founding in 2002, The University of Faisalabad has grown to be counted among Pakistan’s leading universities, known for its purpose built campuses with state-of-the-art infrastructure and quality of education.

TUF provides high-quality education, equipping students with the acumen to cope with the local and global challenges. We are trying our level best to provide our students opportunities to develop a global mindset through establishing international collaborations. To forge the future of its graduates, the University provides a doorway aspiring to enter into professional fields by expert career counselling and job placement.

It has also established professional links with organizations, institutes and industries of repute regarding job placement of its graduates. What sets The University of Faisalabad supreme is its unconditional commitment to quality education, sincere teaching endeavors, exclusive skill development, lucrative facilities, dynamism to improve and a competent management team with a vivid vision. As Chairman, BoG, I am deeply committed to the Mission of the University to pursue excellence in education & research with a futuristic approach and inculcate among the youth qualities of leadership and innovation guided by the teachings of Islam. In the light of the vision “Industry, Service, Education” of my grandfather and Founder Chairman, Madinah Foundation, Haji Muhammad Saleem (Late), we proudly empower and groom the youth of Pakistan to launch upon an exciting professional career by inculcating a sense of achievement for meeting competitive global challenges and, contribute in the socio-economic development and prosperity of the country.

Muhammad Haider Amin

Prof (Meritorious) Dr Muhammad Khaleeq-ur-Rahman

Acting Rector

The university of Faisalabad established (HEC recognized) with its founder’s vision of providing affordable quality education through academic programs designed to prepare the students for meeting futuristic challenges along with highly qualified, well motivated faculty, state of the art laboratories, well maintained library with easy access to latest books, journals and HEC digital library link. The campus life is full of extracurricular activities including involvement in social welfare projects to groom and polish them to become a useful individual both in profession and communities. It is evident from the past that our students attained top positions in various such activities. On the academic side our medical students secure top positions in the university of health science and engineering students win many cash prizes and medals in country wide competitions of research projects organized by the universities.

TUF has been ranked 1 st amongst all private universities of Pakistan and counted amongst top 500 universities of the world which is a big achievement and moment of pride for all of us. It gives me great pleasure to welcome you as Alumni to become the part of Alumni Association to play effective role to further strengthen the university efforts to become the world class university.