MS Electrical Engineering


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Semester 1

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
EE-501 Mobile & Wireless Communications 3(3-0)
EE-502 Antenna Theory and Design 3(3-0)
EE-503 Advanced Solid State Materials and Devices 3(3-0)
EE-504 Advanced Optical Communications 3(3-0)
EE-505 Advanced Electromagnetic Theory 3(3-0)
EE-506 Advanced Digital Communications 3(3-0)
EE=507 Advanced Power Electronics 3(3-0)
EE-508 Electronic Design Automation 3(3-0)
EE-509 Analog Integrated Circuits 3(3-0)
EE-510 RF Electronics 3(3-0)
EE-511 Advanced Techniques of Engineering Analysis and Design 3(3-0)
EE-512 HDL for Programmable Logic 3(3-0)
EE-513 Advanced Control Systems 3(3-0)
EE-514 Wireless Sensor Networks 3(3-0)
EE-515 Advanced Digital Signal Processing 3(3-0)
EE-516 Stochastic Processes 3(3-0)
EE-517 Advanced Digital Image Processing 3(3-0)
EE-519 Computer Networks & Distributed Systems 3(3-0)
EE-520 Advanced Electrical Machines 3(3-0)
EE-521 Power System Analysis 3(3-0)
EE-522 Power Generation and Transmission 3(3-0)
EE-523 Power Distribution 3(3-0)
EE-524 Energy Resources and Technology 3(3-0)
EE-525 Advanced Power System Protection 3(3-0)
EE-526 Power System Transients 3(3-0)
EE-527 High Voltage Engineering 3(3-0)
EE-528 Electrical Drives (AC/DC) 3(3-0)
EE-601 Mathematical Methods for Engineering Analysis and Design 3(3-0)
EE-602 Advance Research Topics 3(3-0)
EE-603 Special topics in Electrical Engineering 3(3-0)
EE-607 Waves Scattering Theory and Applications 3(3-0)
EE-608 Electrodynamics 3(3-0)
EE-609 The Methods of Moments 3(3-0)
EE-611 Passive Microwave Circuits 3(3-0)
EE-612 Active Microwave Devices &Circuits 3(3-0)
EE-613 Free Space Optics 3(3-0)
EE-614 Biomedical Applications of Electromagnetics 3(3-0)
EE-615 Advanced VLSI Design Techniques 3(3-0)
EE-616 Advanced Digital System Design 3(3-0)
EE-617 Micro Fabrication Processes 3 (3-0) 3(3-0)
EE-618 Adaptive Filter Theory 3(3-0)
EE-619 Intelligent Measurements and Instrumentation 3(3-0)
EE-620 Advanced Microprocessors & Interfacing Techniques 3(3-0)
EE-621 Satellite Communications 3 (3-0) 3(3-0)
EE-622 Sensors and Systems 3(3-0)
EE-623 Smart Grid System 3(3-0)
EE-624 Advanced Renewable Energy 3(3-0)